Our Approach to Governance Consulting

At Collaboration Unlimited, we appreciate how difficult it can be to create and sustain the structure and processes needed to support effective governance.    We also understand that effective governance is an essential part of a successful public utility enterprise.  People generally know what it means to “manage”, but they generally don’t know what it means to   “govern” an organization.  Without a clear understanding of governance as a separate and distinct leadership role, Boards often define themselves solely in relation to management.  They may see the Board as either advisor to or watchdog of management.  Individual Board members may see themselves as contributors of specific knowledge and skills that add value to management.  A Board that operates from this perspective too often becomes immersed in the functions of management, while neglecting those functions that only a board can perform.  An truly effective board focuses on:

    1. Its own non-delegable governance responsibilities
    2. The strategic business results that are essential to short and long-term success (delegated to management)
    3. Setting appropriate limits on the methods that management may employ
    4. The working relationship with management and owner-stakeholders

Our Governance Consulting Services

CU can help your board develop both its capabilities and commitment to “govern with excellence”.  Our consultants work with public sector utilities and other clients in a variety of settings to improve or create governance structures and processes that:

    1. Are consistent and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements
    2. Clarify the distinctions and synergies between governance and management
    3. Provide for clearer direction to and accountability from management
    4. Provide clearer direction to and accountability from board officers and committees
    5. Help attract qualified board member candidates who are motivated to service for the right reasons and who understand the commitment they are making
    6. Help board members realize greater satisfaction for the level and quality of their contributions to the organization
    7. Build effective relationships and manage conflict among board members and between the board and management

CU offers the following specific services to boards and executive management:

  • Governance effectiveness assessments
  • Governance education and training seminars
  • Governing board and executive management retreats
  • Facilitation of “mock” board meetings to build individual and collective knowledge and skills
  • Development of specific written policies and comprehensive policy manuals
  • Development of specific written procedures and comprehensive procedure manuals
  • Interventions to help resolve policy and interpersonal conflicts