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Public Power has always been an industry leader in customer service, reliability, price, and community advocacy.  The not-for-profit structure, local presence, and transparency of Public Power systems consistently add value in other important ways to their customers, their employees, and the communities they serve.  Today’s Public Power leaders understand that it is essential to build on this legacy.  They also understand that the complexity and pace of change in the electric utility industry has made it much more challenging to consistently deliver the promises of Public Power.

As consultants to Public Power, we at Collaboration Unlimited understand the challenges that leaders like you are dealing with.  Among the comments we often hear are these:

“We have a strategic plan, business plan, goals, success maps, continuous learning plans, and other tools, but no good process to measure how we are doing overall from a personal to corporate level.”

“It is important for everyone to know how they are contributing to our business priorities, key performance indicators, and long-term success.  How can we communicate that information more effectively?

“Business conditions are changing more rapidly than ever.   We need greater transparency in our organization so that decision-makers can see the important things that are going on as they occur.” 

“There are a lot of interdependencies for getting projects done and we don’t do that very well. We use Excel to track things and it just isn’t good enough anymore.

“We have a lot of the right things in place, but they wind up being a lot of different disconnected piecesDigital documents, databases, papers, and other information is everywhere with no one central place for critical communication.

connections onlinesolves these issues and simplifies the very difficult job of leading.