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connections online consists of the following Modules:

Organization and Department Connections – captures strategic direction and critical outcomes.

Organization and Department Connections – captures key performance indicators, priority goals/projects and related information. Connections Online provides clear and consistent communication and feedback on enterprise and department goals and scorecards.


Organization and Department Connections – captures priority goals/projects and related information. 
Employees know the most important things that have to be done for the business. There is no ambiguity.


Project Connection – enables natural or cross-functional teams to keep track of project scope, status, evaluation criteria, and tasks.  View, prioritize, and track all projects. Using a standard project approach to managing project plans; incorporate all project elements in one easy view. Seeing is revealing.


People Connection/My Connection – maps each user’s basic role, scorecards, project tasks, meeting follow-up tasks, and personal tasks and allows users to create their own customized screen view. Employees can view and manage all of their own work - individual performance goals as well as work tasks. Employees are clear about the focus of their day-to-day work, which is aligned with the department and enterprise goals.


Meeting Management – enables team members to arrange, run, and document meetings in real and virtual environments.  Eliminate wasted time in meetings. Set agendas, add meeting minutes, and track meeting follow-up tasks. Attendees can view status of goals, metrics and projects before attending meetings, so meetings can be shorter and more focused.


Authorized users can access connections online from any Internet-enabled computer.

With connections online advanced security features, administrators can easily add, limit, or deny access to any user on the system.

Software as a Service [SaaS] application over Web – Flexible Security – One-Day Deployment

Software Requirements
Internet (hosted SaaS), latest web browser (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, etc.), high-speed Internet connection