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connections online Product Benefits

Software is a notoriously difficult category for ROI calculations.

Based on an independent survey of connections online'suser base, as well as consecutive Best Practice Awards, connections onlinehas delivered significant value to customers. Customer survey and best practice results were measured along the following axes: company growth, projects, employee engagement, meeting management, resource utilization, and decision speed.

Taken as a whole, connections onlineestimates that companies can easily pay back their initial investment in the first year from their executives' and senior managers' time savings alone – which would total some 200 hours per active user per year, according to survey results. The additional benefits of organizational effectiveness and improved Return on Investment (ROI) significantly strengthen these results.

Complete More Projects in Less Time
Companies reported that they were able to complete projects more than 30% faster as a result of implementing Connections Online. Much of this efficiency gain could be dropped directly to the bottom line or be re-oriented to other critical tasks throughout the organization.

Create a More Productive Work force
Arkansas Federal Credit Union stated that its organization has experienced tremendous growth due to the new efficiencies Connections Online has provided. Listed below are some of the customer's growth numbe

  • 20% asset growth
  • 8% member growth
  • 25% increase in gross revenue
  • 14 major projects completed on time and under budget – among other numbers.

Engage Employees Quickly and Sustainably

By standardizing the monthly coach/employee meeting process, Connections Online users have increased the quality of their individual performance management meetings, thus, making performance management an ongoing process of leadership rather than a yearly ritual tied to the annual appraisal process. An added benefit is that these meetings are initiated and led by the employees, which naturally increases personal accountability. After one year, Connections Online users reported an increase in scores using an Employee Engagement Survey. The following is an example:

  • Service Climate +7
  • Work Processes +3
  • Communication +13
  • Teamwork & Collaboration +13
  • Core Values Strength +11

Reduce Time Spent in Meetings

Connections Online users have reported up to a 43% time-savings in senior leadership meetings, which amounts to approximately 240 fewer executive hours per year spent in traditional leadership team meetings.

Make Decisions Faster and with Better Information

"Connections Online strategic execution tool is used to focus the company on certain tasks, re-align operation priorities, and raise the level of staff confidence, and improve quality and speed of decisions-making during these tough economic times."

"We're trying to educate our staff about the current economic issues so they understand. We have found that people feel much better when they understand the issues – and Connections Online has helped us keep everybody within the organization engaged and informed." – says Kevin Foster-Keddie, CEO WSECU

Use Resources More Effectively

On average, active users of Connections Online have saved four hours per week spending less time hunting down project information and attending fewer and shorter project-related meetings. This data could result in an annual savings of $10,000 or more for each typical senior executive who comprises the initial Connections Online user base.

There are also useful views and reports to see how individual employees and departments have allocated their time to work "they own." With this information, adjustments can be made in how resources are allocated to minimize resource bottlenecks and late projects.