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connections online is a unique and award-winning business performance management tool that integrates strategy, projects, and people.  A Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Connections Online™ provides a highly collaborative platform for transparent communication of strategic and business plans and results as well as dynamic management of strategic priorities, decisions and actions.   It also provides features that support cross-functional and top-to-bottom organizational alignment, meeting management, multi-tasking, and self-accountability.

Key Outcomes

connections online offers these important capabilities to your organization:

  • Organizational Transparency and Alignment.  Your corporate and departmental vision, core purpose, mission, core values, critical outcomes, key performance indicators, priority goals/projects all in one place and accessible at any time from wherever you have computer and Internet access.

  • Support for Effective Governance.   An accessible “home” screen for your Governing Board members.  A place for Board policies, goals, annual agendas, management reports, as well as links to Board meeting agendas and records, financial reports, and other resources.

  • Support for Project Teams.  An accessible “home” screen for natural (departmental or work group) as well as cross-functional teams.  A place for team charters (purpose, scope, members, success criteria) project milestones and task plans, deliverable work products, and progress reporting.

  • Support for Individuals.  An accessible “home” screen for executives, middle managers, and front-line supervisors.  A place for customized and dynamic position descriptions, corporate and departmental project responsibilities, individual priority and time management, self-accountability reporting, and individual performance planning and appraisal.

  • Multi-party dialogs at all organizational levels.  Plan for, execute and document management and staff meetings, project team meetings and one-on-one supervisor to employee meetings as they occur.

Users of connections onlinerealize the strategic management advantage of having all their people focused on the same goals, sharing information, and working together as high-performance teams to get more done. 

  • Focused and accountable employees make for a more productive work force
  • Consistent communication across the organization and at all levels engages employees quickly and meaningfully
  • Fewer yet more effective meetings reduces time spent in meetings
  • Immediate access to information helps make faster decisions
  • Managing up and across the organization uses all resources more effectively