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connections online incorporates these and many more features:

Key Features

  • Assignment of priority goals, projects, and performance metrics to departments, work groups, and individuals.  As soon as the assignment is made, it appears on the home screen for that department, work group, or individual.

  • Instant delegation of project tasks and follow-up tasks from meetings to individuals.  As soon as task is delegated, it appears on that person’s individual home screen.

  • Distributed responsibility for reporting goal and project status, performance metrics, task status, meeting agendas, meting outcomes, and other accountabilities.

  • Ability to include “hot links” to other document locations on your secure server locations.  All critical information can be accessed from the home screen where the information is most relevant.

  • Ability to grant access on your terms to people outside the organization. This can include business partners, project partners, advisors and consultants, key customers, and members of member-based organizations.

  • User designated terminology, color-coding, and screen layouts.

  • Databases that can be archived based on calendar year, fiscal year, or other basis.